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The Importance of Pure Exhaust Fluid

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for use in fleet trucks, delivery vehicles, shipping vans, agricultural machinery, and construction vehicles, among many industries that require cars and trucks with diesel engines. The cost, quality, and purity of the fluid will vary, so managers need to compare brands to find the purest product possible. A comparison of services is also worth the time.

Why Purity Matters

A fluid that includes particles, impurities, and lower-quality ingredients will break down faster, clog the valves more frequently than routine maintenance is completed, and cause the emissions released into the air to rise. A pure fluid, such as BlueDEF, will perform better and keep emissions within regulations. The whole purpose of a diesel exhaust system that operates outside the confines of the engine is to meet emissions regulations. The emissions of diesel engines are higher than those that run on gasoline and are make air quality unhealthy.


Prior to 2003, the levels allowed to be released into the air by diesel engines were higher than they are now and could be met by the engine alone. The emissions levels in 2003 were lowered and have been several times since that date. A separate exhaust system had to be developed to meet the standards. This is especially true of fleet trucks that travel constantly.

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Maintaining Purity

Fluid purchased in three to five-gallon containers by drivers for their personal vehicles are usually placed in the tank all at once. There are no dangers of purity being compromised by secondary storage containers. In bulk quantities that need to be stored upon delivery, there are some properties of the fluid that make special DEF Equipment critical for storage. The fluid corrodes metals quickly so any metal containers will not last long. Metal flecks or particles enter the fluid and contaminate it.


The fluid also freezes at twenty-three degrees Fahrenheit, or minus twelve degrees Celsius. This means that containers, including DEF Pumps, must be kept at temperature above that mark. This can be accomplished via underground tanks, those stored inside, and special ones that are insulated or wrapped in thermal tarps. Companies dedicated to helping owners and managers maintain the purity of the exhaust fluid will make recommendations for storage and delivery schedules.

Save Money with Fluid On-Hand

Whether the fleet consists of one-hundred trucks or two-thousand trucks, having pure fluid available right on the lot will save the business time and money. Compare the total cost of purchasing fluid on an as-needed basis to the quotes provided from companies that can deliver pure fluid to the lot.

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